Sunday, 19 June 2011

Re previous post!

Nope, I didn't get away with it! Mandi found me out, and quite rightly too! So here's my card again, but this time without the "aris"!

I guess the "aris" was stating the obvious, and isn't really necessary, so hope I'm allowed a second entry!


craftimamma said...

What a clever idea Lynn. I hope you are allowed the second entry because it's very deserving and definitely something I'd never have thought of.

I did like both the cards in the previous post very much.

Lesley XX

Susan said...

Lynne, I think I do like it better this way...Love the bright colors!
My Card

Chrissie said...

We love to see second entries Lynne, especially when suggestions have been acted upon.
This one is perfect... it's still very clever!
Thanks again.
Lady LIM
"Less is More"

Sandy said...

Very inventive, love it,

Mandi said...

oh dear that made me chuckle the 'aris' did it lol
Super second entry, really clever Lynn!

I am in 'teacher training' from Chrissie, she don't; miss a thing as it was her profession. She is expert at it! lol

Thanks so much
Diva LIM mandi
"Less is More"

Diane said...

Great card.....but I liked the other 2 also...:>)

Dolly Daydreams said...

Very clever and inspirational piece, such a great use if the stamps, I love it.


Kathyk said...

Even better!


lisa said...

I read this post before the last one and wondered what an "aris" was, Lynne. Silly me, it all became clear from your first post. They are tough task masters, these LIM girls. Both cards look gorgeous to me, very clever.
Hugs Lisax

Carol said...

A really novel idea. Do like your D card too though. Carol x

Ang C said...

Great changes made to the card - a perfect monogram now!

Sally H said...

Wow! I love them all! I am so impressed with your thinking out of the box. Very inventive and unique! Fabulous x

pinky said...

Its a wee stunner Lynne.

Debgem said...

It works without the "aris" - in fact, it works so much better! We all know where it is! Fabulous card.

I think the monogram theme is very tough!

sasa said...

A fabulous creative take on the challenge - great stamping, colours and composition!
Sarah at 108

fatmonica said...

I love this card-what a great idea!

brenda said...

Just popped in to have a little nose what you have been up to Kynne and say thanks so much for your visits, I so appreciate them even if I can't gad about blogland as much I would like.

B x

Angela Weimer said...

Such a great card. very unique. Thanks for sharing and have a great day. Angela

GinaA said...

Really inventive, you certainly think out of the box. I can see a P, A, R & I in the combined Images so you have the french pronunciation of PARIS, the flag gives it the best finishing touch.

Joan said...

Fab card, love the red/white and blue colours

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