Tuesday, 28 June 2011


We've had some fantastic cloudscapes over here recently. I love to watch clouds. I like the fact that they are ever-changing, and you can see pictures in them. On Sunday the sky was a gorgeous deep blue, but with different types of white cloud in amazing formations. It was a "mackerel sky", which eventually started to break up, with some fluffy white cumulus and wispy cirrus. I went out into the garden and took some photos.

My editing programme has an "auto levels" facility. I use it rarely, because it often throws up some strange results. Sometimes, though, they can be quite interesting! Such as this:

Yesterday evening the sky turned very dark and grey, though the storm which seemed to threaten never materialised. You couldn't see much of the sunset, but the bit that did show was quite dramatic, with orange beams of light shining upwards.

Playing with the auto levels gave this result:

Hmm. Backgrounds for cards, maybe.......?


Sally H said...

oooh yes! I didn't get round to taking any photos, but they were fabulous weren't they? How come mother nature can get away with colour combos like that? If we wore those colours together people would cringe!

mamapez5 said...

Great photos. I have a whole folder of just skies. When I was managing a nursery and needed a calming moment I used to get all the children lying on the floor looking up the sky (We had a large section of glass roof). I also enjoy playing with my photo editing program but I don't have settings quite like yours. They are definitely card backgrounds! Kate x

Jules said...

Wow Lynne

What fantastic photographs .. .. .. you have made me think I don't look upwards enough!!

Must make amends.

I hope all is going well with you.

Love Jules xx

Suzi B said...

Fabulous photos... I also love looking at the sky.
Sue :)

lisa said...

These are stunning, Lynne. I love the way you've played with them on the computer. Great minds!! I was sat in the garden on Monday and there was a lovely Mackerel sky and I had to dash in for my camera to take some photos. I'll try and blog them later!!
Your LIM card is gorgeous btw. I love the way you've created musical notes, very you!!
Hope all is going well.
Hugs Lisax

Stella said...

I really love your pictures before using auto level. Especially the last one; you should frame that beauty!!!
Love and hugs,

Stamping 4 Pleasure said...

WOW - I am a sky watcher too but these photo's are AMAZING. Just lovely.
Hugs, Sandra

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