Sunday, 3 January 2010

Tidy start to the New Year!

The jigsaw is finished! It didn't take as long as I had thought it would, once I'd got all the edge pieces in place - and worked out that parts of the picture were not the same as the one on the box lid!

It was laid on a big piece of card, and by taping across the finished jigsaw with some low tack tape so it wouldn't move, I managed to bend it enough to get it through the doorway, and it is now residing on the spare bed until I can bring myself to break it up! This means I now have my desk back. Not only that, because I had to clear it to make room for the jigsaw, my desk is tidy! Here's the proof.

Look well, for you're not likely to see it like that again for a long time! Just got a couple of things to catch up on before I can start messing it up again.....


chris said...

lynn your jigsaw looks as if it was very diffiuclt to do, it looks amazing, looking forward to you making a mess of your desk though, it means we get to look at your crafty inspirations!!

craftimamma said...

That's a fabulous jigsaw Lynne. How unusual and I can understand you not wanting to break it up just yet.

Lesley Xx

Debbie Dolphin said...

love the jigsaw.your crafting space looks very tidy.Mine did too for about 2 minutes.I always forget i have birhdays 2nd and 3rd jan and i was in such a rush i didnt have time to blog them!
happy new year lynne
debbie xxx

Sally H said...

Wonderful jigsaw and I don't think I've ever seen your desk look quite so empty! Looking forward to seeing everything you create in 2010 x

Jules said...

What a gorgeous jigsaw Lynne. I have never sween one like it!

I would be tempted to have it framed - the colours are just so stunning!!

I could never break it up.

Loving the look of your craft space. It would take me all of 30 minutes to mess that up!!

Wishing you a great 2010.

Love Jules xx

Christine said...

Lovely jigsaw, I wouldn't have the heart to break it up. It would lovely framed.
Love your tidy desk, must do mine soon as I can't find anything.
Christine xx

brenda said...

I'm inpressed by that clear desk Lynne, perhaps I should so a jigsaw as well ? I know I have one lurking somewhere from last Chrismtas and I think it has fairies and butterflies.

It looks a complictaed one, but beautiful colours.

Happy New Year.

B x

lisa said...

What a lovely Jigsaw, Lynn. Well done you for getting it done so quickly. I've got one to do but dare not start it otherwise there'll be no crafting done at all.
What a tidy desk!!!!
Happy Crafting and stay safe in the snow.


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