Friday, 24 April 2009

Probably the worst card I've ever made....

The cards with freebie papers went down well at my class on Wednesday. I took along some sketches & papers, and some of the ladies had brought their own papers, and they made some great cards. However, Brenda had some papers she couldn't think what to do with, and she challenged me to see what I could make with them. Well, red rag to a bull, and all that. Or, in this case, strawberry red, lime green, orange and acid yellow. In a strange mixture of fruits, butterflies and patterns which didn't really seem to co-ordinate with each other. I almost had to put my sunglasses on to look at them.

Anyway, I thought, I'll have a go. The first one doesn't look too bad, I suppose, if you like that sort of thing. Other than the base card, a peel-off border and a Craftwork Cards greeting, I only used the free papers.

I had just bought a new Dovecraft punch which I was dying to try out, so I put it to use for the second card. I was at first totally uninspired by the paper with spots on, until I had the idea of turning a few of them into a flower to go with the border. I drew around the spots to make them stand out. One of the other patterns was a leaf print, so I cut out a couple of leaves and a stalk. Another had the butterflies all over it, so I cut out a few of those too. A Craftwork Cards button greeting for the flower centre finished it off.

I think this is probably the worst card I have ever made! I can't imagine sending it to anyone.

On the other hand, it's Brenda's birthday in May......... ;-)


Sally H said...

A real genius would be hard pressed to do any better, Lynne! Did you have disturbed vision when you had finished the dots?! Go and have some stamping therapy!!!

Piddawinkle said...

good try Lynne, they were very bright, Perhaps jst a small one inch square out of each and arrange four on frot of card,or even better throw that paper away and go stash shopping, LOL

lisa said...

Well Done Lynne. I think I would have given up with these!


lisa said...

Me again Lynne. By the way I have something for you on my blog-truly deserved after suceeding so well with those papers!!


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