Tuesday, 11 November 2008


I made this set of Artist Trading Cards a few years ago, but today being Armistice Day seems an appropriate time to post them here. The people depicted are all members of my family. The couple top left are my paternal grandparents. My grandfather served during the First World War and my grandmother was a Post Lady. She is also in the picture at bottom right, in her postlady's uniform. Unfortunately she died young, a few years after the war, when her sons, my father and his elder brother, were aged just 3 and 5. I wish I had been able to know her. The other two pictures show my great grandmother, my grandfather's mother, who by all accounts was a remarkable woman who held the family together after my grandmother died until my grandfather remarried. He lived into his 70s.

I find it thought provoking to look at pictures of my family from the past. Life must have been so much harder then, especially during the war years, compared to the relatively easy way we live today, yet people seemed contented with their lot & just got on with things. A lesson to be learned there, I think.

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Sally Holmes said...

Lynne, these are beautiful. what a lovely idea. I've got all these photos and haven't done anything with them yet...