Saturday, 8 November 2008

Good Intentions!

Well, I started out full of enthusiasm for my new blog, but then found myself with no time to do anything with it. Ah, well. Anyway, here's another photo I took up in Scotland last week. It may seem nothing much, but somewhere amongst the leaves there's a little face looking right at you! It's a stoat. It ran across the road in front of me, & when I got to the place where it had disappeared into the wood beside the road I was just in time to see it disappear down a hole. Then it popped its head up again & stared at me, & I just managed to get the picture before it went down again. Can you spot it? If not, you'll find its whereabouts here.


Guzzisue said...

eventually found the stoat but did you spot the ducks head in the bark of the tree? or maybe I have a very vivid imagination.

Lynne K said...

Not until you pointed it out!

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