Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Well, I'm back

Had a great week up in Dumfriesshire. My daughter's house is in a rural area, overlooking fields. Just down the road there's a loch with a ruined castle. Buzzards and geese fly overhead. It's really peaceful and quiet, and the air is clean and fresh. I love it there. Not so quiet and peaceful inside the house, of course! Ewan, my elder grandson, who's 5 (going on 25!) will be starting big school this week.

We took him to buy his new school uniform, and I managed to persuade him (with some difficulty!) to model it for some photos so that I could bring them back home to show his granddad. He looks so grown up in it.

His little brother, Andrew, aged nearly 19 months, wanted in on the act, so he put on Ewan's school cap and had his picture taken too!

We had a trip to the Glasgow Science Centre, which was brilliant. There was so much to see and do that we couldn't get round it all in a day. By mid afternoon we were all suffering from sensory overload. Ewan's favourite thing was the model crane which could be operated just like a real one. He went on that several times.
Andrew loved the tunnel slide.

I liked the magic mirrors which made me look tall and thin (well, ok, thinner, they were magic mirrors, not miracle mirrors), but I didn't get a picture of those. It was a great day out. Ewan said it was his best day out EVER. A return visit will definitely be on the agenda.

At the weekend we went to a farmers' market. There was a woman there demonstrating needle felting, something I've never tried before. She had done some lovely pictures and cards with it. I was dying to have a go. My daughter bought me a kit for my birthday, which isn't until October, but she said I could use it now. (So watch this space!)

Have done very little cardmaking over the holidays so far, and I'm getting withdrawal symptoms, but am determined to finish my craft stuff reorganisation. Not much left to do now. I have managed to make a bit more working space on my desk, by finding somewhere else for my printer to live, and a few other bits and pieces. I'm sure that my disappearing mojo of late has been due to the fact that I've felt constrained by the lack of space (not to mention falling over the stuff on the floor every time I stood up!) so I'm hoping that my new arrangement will kickstart it again.

Today Sally and I had a get-together with Lesley (Craftimamma) at Sally's house. It was lovely to meet Lesley for the first time, and we had a great afternoon, showing and telling, and having a good old natter. It felt as though we had been friends for years. Sally gave us a delicious lunch, with one of her fabulous coffee and walnut cakes. Yum! Lesley and I were very good and managed to resist a second helping, but only just.

Well, I didn't intend this to be such a long post, but it's so nice to get back to the blogging. I'll try & catch up with everyone else's over the next few days. I can't believe how quickly the holidays are going. Only a week and a half left before we go back to school. I really must make a start on the kitchen before then....


Lisa Jane said...

Lovely to have to back, and thank you so much for sharing those photos. Your grandsons look wonderful. Ewan looks really smart in his uniform. I bet you had a lovely time and i want one of those Mirrors !!
Lisa ;)

Sally H said...

Fabulous photos! Ewan looks such a young man in his uniform, and Andrew is really growing up! It was so lovely to see you today and Lesley too. Glad you were impressed with my tidying - Feeling a bit agoraphobic it's so tidy!!!

chris said...

Hi Lynne, so lovely to see what you have been up to, your grandsons look gorgeous,and sounds like you have been very busy.
hope you are ok love chris xx
off to look at the new link you have given us.

Jules said...

Hi Lynne

It sounds like you have been having lots of fun. Time with your lovely Grandchildren and with your craft pals .. .. what more can a girl want!!

I'm not surprised you are getting withdrawal symptoms ... but perhaps the reorganisation and the physical touching of all the crafty loveliness is keeping you going.

Love Jules xx

craftimamma said...

Hi Lynne, I know I heard all about your trip to Scotland and your lovely grandsons yesterday but it's still great to read it again and this time see the photos. Those boys look gorgeous.

It was lovely to meet you and Sally yesterday too. I really enjoyed our get together and you are sooooo right about that fab coffee cake. I can't believe I managed to resist a second slice of my favourite cake! That bread was pretty scrummy too.

Look forward to seeing some makes in the not too distant future. I'm sure you'll be itching to start again as soon as your room is as you want it.

Lesley Xx

brenda said...

Hi Lynne

Pleased you had a good stay with your family.

I adore Ewans school uninform, the red is such a lovely colour and makes such a change from the normal grays and greens.

Sounds like Sally's been cooking up yumminess again, coffe cake did I hear ? I like coffee cake, nudge, hint................

B x

lisa said...

Hi Lynne
I'm so glad you enjoyed your time with your family. What adorable Grandsons you have. Ewan looks very handsome in his new uniform and Andrew is a real cutie.
The holidays have flown haven't they. I can't believe we have less than a week left.
I'm very envious that Lesley got to try Sally's cake. It always sounds absolutely delicious. It sounds like you had a great get together. This blogging lark is wonderful for making new friends isn't it.
Hugs Lisax

Chrissie said...

Thanks so much for your visit to my blog and the kind comment you left.
These are great photographs.Your grand son certainly looks the part in his uniform. The Science Centre looks great. It reminded me of a place in Winchester where we used to take groups of children from school when I was teaching!Great Fun!