Thursday, 12 August 2010

So that's where my desk is!

The decluttering is going well. Most of my craft stuff is stored in the spare bedroom, as my work room is too small to hold much and still leave room to work in. I can now see the spare room carpet, and the bed! Three bags of rubbish went to the tip (yes, three!). Old magazines and stash I no longer need went to fellow crafters. Strangely, there doesn't seem to be any more room in the cupboards, but at least everything is tidy now and I know where it all is. Not quite finished yet, but enough done to make me feel a lot better.

I have also managed to make a bit of space on my desk, just in time. A friend who has recently had a bereavement asked me to make her a set of thank you cards, and she needed them quickly. So yesterday I made 15 cards, which must be a record for me all in one day! She asked me to deliver them through her letterbox, so not knowing how far they'd have to fall I thought they'd better go in a box to protect them. Didn't have one suitable, so I made one.

The brief was: Irises, shades of lilac/purple, black borders, and MS doily lace punch. Not having time to do lots of colouring, I used a printed picture of irises from the Dreamy Flowers CD by Hinny Bop Designs, and a Penny Black iris stamp. The sentiment is a very old one from Make Your Mark. I covered the box with some wrapping paper bought quite some time ago from Ikea.

My daughter and family are coming to stay overnight tonight on their way back from holiday, and then on Sunday I'm going up to Scotland to stay with them for a few days. After all my hard work of the past few weeks, I'm really looking forward to the break. Not that it will be a rest with my two young grandsons around (aged 5 years and 18 months) but we always have lots of fun. Because they live so far away we don't see nearly enough of them so any time spent with them is precious. They grow up far too quickly.

When I come home, my next job is to make a start on decluttering the kitchen. Hmm.....


Lisa Jane said...

Beautiful boxed set.Love the irises .
Well done with the tidying.have a lovely break and hope you and your and children get some crafting done together . As i remember last time you made some lovely things
Enjoy your break
Lisa ;)

Sally H said...

She will be absolutely thrilled with them! Have a lovely time at your Daughters and I'll be looking forward to seeing you on 24th.
P.S. My Essence of Nature arrived today - couldn't resist!

lisa said...

So glad your decluttering is going well Lynne. It always seem to feel better when everything is tidy and you know you've thrown loads of junk away, even if it's a bit of a chore at the time doesn't it?
Your thank you cards are really beautiful. Enjoy your time with your daughter and grandchildren, it sounds like you deserve a nice rest.
Hugs Lisax

Jules said...

Well done on all the decluttering Lynne - it sounds like you have done really well.

Your cards and the box are beautiful. I am sure your friend will be pleased with them.

Have fun with your family.

Love Jules xx

Lesley said...

Beautiful cards and box set Lynne, lovely colours. And well done on decluttering, I badly need to do that too! xx

Phree said...

Very elegant cards and box set. Well done for getting all your decluttering done! Hope you have a lovely visit with you family in Scotland.

chris said...

Hi lynne, this is such a beautiful set, I love what you have done, all so elegant and sophisticated.
hugs chris xx

brenda said...

Hi Lynne

I'm still on my mad catch up from my holidays, seems to be taking me forever. Mind you not helped by new puppy muts, not the brightest idea right on the back of our hols.

Super work as always.

B x

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