Thursday, 24 June 2010

Woof woof! And woof!

I'm short on both time and inclination for crafting & blogging lately. Busy at school with preparations for end of term concerts, and not feeling well. I seem to have had a cold for weeks, but without the streaming eyes and sneezes, just the bunged up sinuses & feeling tired and lethargic. I'm beginning to wonder whether it's hay fever instead, although I don't usually suffer from that. But I've heard other people saying the same, because the pollen is so bad this year, so I've just started taking antihistamines to see if they will help. No improvement so far, but I guess I should give them a few days to start working. Anyone else out there had something similar?

Anyway, I did manage to make a birthday card for a friend who has two papillons (also known as butterfly dogs). I bought the Grandma's Parlor Collection Set (digital) from *Wink *Wink Ink, which came with a poodle (not quite a papillon, but I thought it would do!). This isn't at all the sort of thing I usually go for, but there was just something about the set that appealed to me. It comes with 3 types of files - png, jpg outline drawing and jpg pre-coloured. I wanted something quick and easy to make, so I cheated and used the pre-coloured version, with a bit of 3D so I could feel I'd actually done something!

Also couldn't resist the BasicGrey "Max & Whiskers" 6" x 6" paper pad, which made lovely paw print patterned "wallpaper". I was quite pleased with the result, so I made a similar card for my FIL for Fathers' Day. He used to have a border terrier, who sadly is no longer with us. The set is female oriented, so I changed the colour of the chair, lamp and vase using my graphics programme and made a "Happy Fathers' Day" instead of the Mothers' Day greeting which is included.


lisa said...

Sorry to hear you've been under the weather, Lynne. It does sound like Hayfever, I've been sneezing for England for about a month now and have itchy eyes and an itchy throat too which all adds up to feeling permanently tired but the antihystamines certainly seem to work with the sneezing, trouble is I wake myself up in the night which doesn't help with the tiredness!!! I heard on the radio that June is the worst month so hopefully you'll be feeling better soon.
Your card is lovely, certainly a different style for you, but it does you good to have a change doesn't it.
Take care of yourself.
Hugs Lisax

Netty said...

You have my sympathy as am a fellow sufferer. Love the cards, so cute. Annette x

brenda said...

Hi Lynne

I am sorry you are not feeling any better, I really hoped the antihistamines would help and ease your symptoms a bit. Perhaps you need some antibiotics if you sinuses are that blocked ? I rememebr having them one for it and it worked wonders really quickly.

Your card is really clever, I am sure your firned will be delighted to receive one that has clearly been made especially with her in mind.

B x

Sally H said...

Both great cards, Lynne. I realised I missed Jooles birthday. I hope you feel better soon. I didn't have hay fever until I was about 24, so it isn't unusual for it to just come on. There are some good nasal sprays out there that could help sinus problems and hay fever symptoms together

Lisa Jane said...

HI Lyn, hope you will be feeling a little better soon. My daughter suffers with Hay fever, its horrid,
Love the cards ,right up my street - the little doggies are so cute
Lisa ;)

craftimamma said...

Sorry you've not been feeling too good Lynne. There are definitely lots more people suffering from the high pollen count. A nuisance even if it's not full blown hayfever which is a nightmare. Both my mum and myself have had bunged up noses and lots of sneezing sessions and came to the conclusion it was irritation from the pollen.

The cards you've made are really cute with a nice 3D look to them.

Not long to summer hols now when I hope I can finally get to meet you and Sally.

Lesley Xx

coldwaters2 said...

Oh Lynne I am sorry that you are not feeling well if the tablets don't work maybe you should pay a visit to the doctors. I am in love with both these little beauties they appeal to me so much being an avid dog lover you have done a wonderful job with them both.
Lorraine x

Jules said...

Hi Lynne

How did I miss these two?

As you say not your usual style but definitely appropriate for your friend.

That chair is rather cute and the pot plant!!

Hope you are feeling a bit better now.

Love Jules xx

Eileen said...

I love these Lynne so cute and ...they made me feel good !!! Sorry about the hayfever, if that is what it is ....hubby is bad at the moment ...wants to kill everyone ...sits in the corner going Grrrrrrrrrr.Says he needs something that will scratch his eyeballs ...from the INSIDE !! E x

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