Friday, 11 June 2010

A mystery!

Several years ago I was given a wooden planter filled with spring flowers. After the flowers died off, the planter was left on the patio and became repopulated with dandelions and moss! Then, three years ago, we noticed a strange plant growing there. It had long leaves which were covered with dark reddish spots. Eventually a single long stalk appeared with a spike of pale pink flowers at the top. "Hmm!" I thought. "That looks like an orchid!" A perusal of the wild flower book confirmed that indeed it was. A Common Spotted Orchid.

The following year there were 3 flower spikes, and along with those there appeared another plant, with darker purple flowers and no spots on the leaves. We identified that one as a Southern Marsh Orchid.

This year there are several more flower spikes, plus more baby plants of both varieties. The mystery is how they got there, especially as there are two completely different species! We certainly didn't plant them. They weren't there when I was first given the planter. When the first one appeared we wondered whether a seed could have been carried there by a bird or something, but when the second variety started growing, that seemed unlikely. All we can think of is that the seeds must have been dormant in the soil, and sprung to life some time after the original flowers had died off. Anyone got any other suggestions?

We may never solve the mystery, but we have some lovely flowers to enjoy!


chris said...

Hi Lynne,
I think these are so beautiful, I was told when things like this happen its often that the birds have swallowed the seeds rather than carrying them and then they do there buisness,how can anything this beautiful come from that!
hugs chris xx
I could have been told competely wrong though, so dont take my word for it.

Lisa Jane said...

They are gorgeous - a true gift from heaven
Lisa ;)

craftimamma said...

What more beautiful surprise could you ask for? Gorgeous!

Lesley Xx

brenda said...

Aren't these beautiful Lisa, nature is so wonderful and full of surprises.

Have a good weekend.

B x

Jules said...

Hi Lynne

What beautiful flowers - I hope I get such gorgeous blooms growing amongst my dandelions and moss LOL!!!

Are they the most gorgeous shades of purple.

Hope you have had a good weekend.

Love Jules xx

lisa said...

Wow, how wonderful to find these. What a lovely surprise. Isn't it funny where things come from all by themselves.
Thank you for your lovely comments. The bands on my cake are ribbons which is why they are so straight!!! sorry to disillusion you!!
Hope your Monday has gone well.
Hugs Lisax

Linapyssel said...

These are gorgeous..what a lovelly suprise!!!

I just want to say thank you for your sweet comment over at Sir Stampalot!!
many hugs Lina

Lesley said...

Beautiful orchids Lynne and what a mystery! xx

Michelle said...

A beautiful story and a wonderful mystery - enjoy them!
x Michelle