Sunday, 10 August 2014

"The Shire"

Proud Grandma alert!! My young grandson, Andrew, aged 5, saw the picture I made with my tree stamp and Brusho paints (see here) and he wanted to make one.

First he punched a circle from a post-it note to make a mask for the moon. Next  he made the Brusho background by dipping a paintbrush into the powders and tapping it over the paper where he wanted the colour. Then he sprayed water over the picture until the colours had merged to his satisfaction. He did all of that with instruction but no physical help.

Having finished his background, he compared it with mine and decided that my picture was too plain, as it only has the tree and a bird. We looked through my stamps, and he found the Hobbit Door (Lavinia Stamps) and said that he wanted his to be a picture of The Shire (from Lord of the Rings. He's a big LOTR fan!) He chose some other stamps to go with the Hobbit Door (from Lavinia, Inkylicious & Hobby Art) and decided where they all should go. I helped him to hold the stamps as he was stamping them, just to make sure that he didn't smudge the images, because it would have been a shame to spoil his lovely background, but everything else was entirely his own work. He finished by colouring the door surround and the tree with coloured pencils.

We both decided that his artwork was far superior to mine!


Jean Straw said...

What a lovely picture your grandson created. It looks like you have real budding artist there.
Jean x

vic said...

Wow this is amazing he's very talented :)

Vic x

Gery said...

Wow, Lynne, your Andrew has got a lot of creative talent!!!
Love this card he made!
And I loved the complete story behind it.
So from now on you have to share your blog????
Also loved the story behind your beautiful tree!!! Great work from the 2 of you!
Thanks for all the joy on your blog.
Groetjes Gery

Sally H said...

Andrew is one very talented young man! I am so impressed - definitely has a very creative eye, Bless him. Give him a hug from me!

Maxine D said...

You have every reason to be a proud Grandma - it is a wonderful piece of work. Aren't our Grandchildren wonderful!

mamapez5 said...

How wonderful to have a grandson who wants to share your hobby. I remember how thrilled I was when my grandson sent me an ATC he had made after looking through my folder. I treasure it, just as I am sure you will treasure this picture (if you get to keep it). Or maybe it will be on his wall to remind him of a fun day at Grandma's. Kate x

Diane said...

What a fun design your grandson created. The dragon and hobbit door are perfect.

Hugs diane

Eret said...

Your granson is very talented, Lynn. This is a true art work. The background is awesome and stamps wok very well together.
Eret c