Monday, 14 July 2014

The Tree - the sequel!

The Brusho has been put to one side for a moment while I tell you about something far more exciting!

For the background to this story you need to read my earlier posts about The Tree, see here (scroll to end of post) and here.

The Tree is an old beech tree which stands alone on top of a nearby hill. I see it every day from my house. It is quite a landmark, and, tree lover that I am, it has fascinated me ever since we came to live here. I have taken hundreds of photos of it. I don't know how old it is, but it must be quite old. It has been there through all seasons and withstood all weathers, buzzards and crows dwell in its leafy heights, the sheep and cows enjoy its shade and shelter. What a story it would tell if it could speak!

This is the view I see of it from my garden, up on its hill in the distance.

I managed to make one of my photos into a digistamp, but being a stamper at heart, I really wanted it in rubber. Chatting about it with my good friend and fellow Tree lover Sally, it occurred to us that Deby, the lovely lady who owns our favourite stamp company Inkylicious, and who is surely a kindred spirit as there are none of her stamps that we don't like, might be interested in turning my digi into a stamp. So when we saw her at Stamp Magic last month we asked her, and she was!

This is the photo which became my digi.

You can imagine my excitement when I received the stamp this morning! Not only has Deby made the tree into a stamp (and you can see from the photo above how faithfully she has reproduced it), she has also included two buzzards and two sentiments to make up a brilliant set! I love it! Of course, I had to ink it up straight away, and here's the result!

For the first card I wanted to show the image of the tree alongside a photo of it in its setting, so have kept it quite simple, with just some stamped greenery around the edges of the card as a backdrop. (All stamps by Inkylicious, of course!) The background to the tree was lightly coloured using ink dusters and Memento ink.

Back to the Brusho for my second card! I masked a circle for a moon, sprinkled and sprayed the Brusho over, stamped the tree, extended the base to fit the frame with a black pen, stamped the buzzard, and matted it with a black border on to a 7" x 7" card base. I think I will frame this one.

This will be a great design for a man's card. All the men in my family will probably be getting a variation on this theme for their birthdays for the next year!

Well, I have lots more plans for The Tree, but wanted to share these with you just now. I have to say a huge thank you to Deby for my fabulous set. She's a star! And by the way, if anyone else likes it, I think Deby will be putting it on the Inkylicious website in the near future.



Sally H said...

Wow! They are both gorgeous, but the second one is breathtakingly so! LOVE it!

Jean Straw said...

Oh Lynne how wonderful to have one of your lovely photos made into a stamp. I am a fan of Inkylicious stamps as well and of tree stamps so I can't wait for this one to go on sale.
Your cards are both beautiful showing what variety can be achieved with a single stamp.
Jean x

mamapez5 said...

I love, love, love this, and will certainly look out for your stamp going on sale. If you have time you might like to read this blog post I did in 2011, (middle paragraph) about 'my tree'. Kate x

Maxine D said...

Oh Lynne this tree is stunning as a photo and as a stamp, and you have made the stamp really sing in the way you have used it. Wonderful cards, and I sort of envy the men in your family getting cards with that fabulous stamp on it.

craftimamma said...

Wow, I remember your first posts about 'The Tree' and look at it now! Another of Deby's stamps for my wish list and I'm really hooked on your Brusho cards .... you've probably seen how many of your pins I've pinched, lol! Absolutely stunning Lynne!

Lesley Xx

lisa said...

That's fantastic, Lynne. What an experience to have your tree as a stamp. It looks stunning too, I'm not surprised you are going to frame that piece of art, I would too!!!
I shall have to add your stamp to my collection and then whenever I use it I will think of you!
Hugs Lisax

Maddy Herbison said...

Wow Lynne, congratulations! That must be so fantastic to see your work as a real rubber stamp! I love your tree, it's just beautiful. Maddy x

Eret said...

Fantastic, Lynne! This stamp is fabulous. I'm so happy for you. Love the cards you made with it.
Eret x

Joan said...

Beautiful card, lovely stamp, go do the wish list and I've just ordered some brusho paints, can't wait to have a play

Joan said...

That was supposed to say gone on the wish list!

Linby said...

wow! How amazing and I love how you used it too.