Sunday, 15 June 2014

Magic Weekend!

Last weekend I made one of my biannual visits back down south for the Stamp Magic show at Doncaster, staying overnight with Sally. The June one is always a flying visit, as it's not during the school hols, unlike the October one, but it's amazing how much we can pack into the weekend.

I wasn't particularly looking forward to the journey down, as thunderstorms and torrential rain had been forecast, but apart from some good downpours along the A66, the rest of the way wasn't too bad and by the time I got to Sally's it had brightened up enough for us to sit out in her garden with a cuppa. The next day dawned warm and sunny, and we were soon on our way to Doncaster. Stamp Magic is definitely our favourite show, just the right size, great selection of exhibitors including many of our favourite companies, and everyone is so friendly and helpful.

Our first port of call was the Inkylicious stand, which usually accounts for the greater part of my show spending. True to form, Deby had some gorgeous new stamps, which soon found their way into my basket. I also stocked up on her silk art card, which is perfect for using with ink dusters, and a few other bits and pieces. For a long time I have debated whether to get a stand for my ink dusters, thinking I would use them a lot more if I had them to hand all the time, instead of put away in a drawer. This time I really wanted one, but having decided on my budget, and being determined to stick to it, it was either the stamps or the stand, and the stamps won. I reasoned that I couldn't make the stamps, but if I put my mind to it, I should be able to make myself a stand. Another factor was that the commercial stands hold eight dusters, and I have nine!

By the time I got home, an idea was beginning to take shape. I scouted around in my craft room for some raw materials. Some offcuts of thick cardboard and a good strong cardboard tube, both which had been in my stash for about a million years. (Well, at least 30, which just goes to prove the value of never throwing away anything which might one day come in handy.)

I also found a sheet of paper (K & Company) with a lovely butterfly design all over it, rolls of self adhesive tin foil, clear self adhesive film and green baize, an old cotton reel and a button.

I cut five circles from the thick card, stuck three together to make a firm base, and the other two for the top. The trickiest part was cutting the slots for the ink dusters to hang in. Once I had all the elements cut to size and shape, I neatened all the edges with the tin foil and then covered the pieces first with the butterfly paper, followed by the clear film for durability. The base was covered with the green baize. I painted the cotton reel and stuck a button on top to hide the hole. Finally, everything was ready to assemble. Some glue seeped out at the bottom when I was joining the base to the cardboard tube, so I stuck a diecut (Spellbinders) round to cover it up. It looks quite pretty, so if anyone asks I'll just say it was part of the original design.

And here's the result.

And here it is with its cargo.

I must admit to being quite pleased with it, not least that it cost only pennies to make, with the added bonus that I've freed up a bit of drawer space and used some old stash too!

It so happens that it fits with the theme for the Butterfly Challenge No. 8, which is "Butterfly Bingo", so I am entering it there. My stand has used the line Die Cut - Butterflies - Designer Paper.

Now to go and put those ink dusters to use ........


brenda said...

I didn't realise Doncaster was last week Lynne, I am all over with what's happening when at the moment.

But pleased to hear you made the show and a couple of days with Sal.

As for your creation here, not only beautiful but so practical as well.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

B x

Mrs A. said...

A great make . Really practical and pretty too. Bet the commercial ones don't look as good!! Thankyou for fluttering by this challenge. Hugs Mrs A. (Butterfly challenge).

Sally H said...

Oh wow! I love it! It looks even better than my bought one too, taking up a bit less space and dangling from the top of the duster, not half way. Brilliant!

Jean Straw said...

This is brilliant Lynne, so pretty and practical too.
Jean x

Maxine D said...

Love it Lynne - not only did you get the stamps, you got the stand too - that's my style of crafting!!

mamapez5 said...

Well done Lynne. What a clever idea. I have never seen a commercial ink-duster holder, but this looks like the business to me, and it is so pretty too. Kate x

vic said...

Wow Lynne this is fab and so creative !!!!

Vic x

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Wow, Lynne this is an awesome idea.You have my brain clicking over.. have only three brushes tho' :)
But you should put a Pinterest button on your blog... or maybe you have am on mobile.
Did a post on it some weeks ago.. also put a pin pn my Tutorial page in Pinterest.
Found it on friends blog. Thanks for sharing your brainwave for saving pennies for more stash.
Shaz in Oz.x

craftimamma said...

Wow Lynne this is fabulous and very pretty too boot! I still can't figure out how you did actually cut the slots for the dusters and so immaculately too!

I'm sorry I didn't bump into you again whilst doing my circuits of the show. Our chats are always far too brief but at least I saw you. Would have been really upset if I'd not seen you at all.

Lesley Xx

Elaine said...

This is really great Lynne. I did buy one of the commercial racks and I have more than 8 brushes too and find they seem to slip down anyway, so an alternative like this is a great idea. I managed to make a distress ink pad rack and your design has me inspired to try this approach too. I wonder if I can cut slots as neat as yours! Thanks for the idea. Elaine

Helen J said...

Brilliant idea, I might have a go at making one of these myself!

Faith A said...

Came on the recommendation of Sally and found your AMAZING project.
Isn't it funny when we put our mind to things we can come up with great things, (at least other people do - not me)FABULOUS job.