Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Adirondack Sky!

We've had some amazing skies lately. Tonight's sunset was particularly stunning.

Sally will like it, it's her favourite colour combo! What do you reckon, Sal? Purple Twilight, Mountain Rose, and Peach Bellini?! Nearly as good as your ink-dusted backgrounds. Life imitating art, definitely!

Some more of this week's aerial artworks!


mamapez5 said...

Beautiful skies. I have a folder of sky photos on my computer because I love them so much. Kate x

MaxineD said...

What stunning skyscapes - I particularly love the one with the pink clouds against the dark sky - I have some photos like that too!

Lisa Jane said...

ooh wow fabulous!
Lisa x

Sally H said...

Oh wow! There might be a touch of ripe persimmon in that first one too! Gorgeous skies. Will be sharing some of my own soon too!

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