Sunday, 17 February 2013

Been playing.....

....with my new Gelli Plate! It's rare these days that I have time just to play and experiment, but I've been itching to get my hands on one of these and couldn't resist any longer, so I had to make some time!

My first attempts at prints were rubbish! Put too much paint on and it just got muddy. I get cross if I can't do things straightaway, and have to keep telling myself that, like most things, it just needs some practice. I wanted to make some backgrounds for cards, and eventually I got one I was happy with, and had to make the card forthwith!

For an earlier print (rejected!) I had used some skeleton leaves as masks, but they didn't show up very well. However, the leaves looked quite good covered with the paint. I decided to try stamping on one, and embossing it. I used an Inkylicious stamp, the same one I used to make the background print, and I think it worked quite well.

 I sprayed over the background with a Crafty Notions spray ink (a gold shimmer, but unfortunately it doesn't really show in the photos) and then overstamped it with a  a Stampin' Up text stamp. The sentiment is also by Inkylicious. The centre picture, which quite fortuitously matched the Inkylicious flower stamp, is from a Crafty Individuals Miniatures book (Flowers and Butterflies), and I framed it with a Nestie die.

The paints I used on the Gelli Plate were old ones (10 years +!) and I think half the problem was that they had become too thick. I couldn't seem to get a smooth thin covering with them. Living up here in the wilds of Dumfriesshire is wonderful, but craft shops are thin on the ground, to say the least. I wanted new paints, but couldn't wait for mail order, so on Friday I made my first solo expedition down into Carlisle since we moved up here, and visited the recently opened Hobbycraft! It's so long since I was anywhere with decent supplies that I was like a kid in a sweet shop! I found the paints I wanted (plus a few other bits and pieces - well, it made sense to get them while I was there and not have to make another journey, didn't it?!) but will now have to make some more time to try them out.

Watch this space!

Ps. Note to Sally, you HAVE to get a Gelli Plate!!


Sally H said...

Yes, I think I do! I will take a look, but I may need a skype lesson. I LOVE your card. it is just gorgeous! I have heard Barbara Gray talking about gelli plates, but not seen one yet. Off to follow your link x

lisa said...

I've seen these in magazines and been fascinated by them but to see your results, Lynne, I am very tempted to invest now. Your background looks like some expensive bought paper, I love the colours and that stamp.
It makes a beautiful card.
I'm glad you've found some craft supplies at last.
Hugs Lisax

mamapez5 said...

I have watched a tutorial about these plates and i was very interested, so it's good to hear some comments from an independent user. Your card is beautiful.
I sympathize with the lack of craft shops in your neighbourhood. They are in rather short supply out here too!
Kate x

Lisa Jane said...

oh wow this is so pretty .. no idea what gelli plates are but they have produced a great result!
Lisa x

lada_vl said...

Card very beautiful! The background simply improbable!

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