Saturday, 26 January 2013

A Walk In The Snow

Although it's been very cold here, we've been lucky not to have had as much snow as some parts of the country. However, yesterday it snowed most of the day. The most snow I've seen for ages. The sky was leaden, and it seemed dark all day. This is what it looked like from our lounge window.

This morning, however, we woke up to beautiful blue skies and sunshine, so I took the opportunity to get out for a walk and some fresh air. I went along the river and across the fields nearby.

The next photo is interesting. The sun was covered by a little thin cloud and must have been shining through ice crystals, as there was a rainbow effect all around the edges of the cloud. I wasn't sure whether it would show up in the photo, but it did. You can see it better if you click on the pic to enlarge it.

Unfortunately the good weather didn't last, because by late afternoon the sky had clouded over again and now it's raining. But at least that means it's getting a bit warmer!


mamapez5 said...

Lynne that is so beautiful. Well done to catch the rainbow clouds on camera! I'd love to make the first set of footprints across that snowy field, but really I wouldn't swap for our January sunshine in Spain.
Keep warm. Hugs, Kate x

MaxineD said...

Lynne you have made me feel cool - and it is mid-summer here :-).
Fabulous photography and I love the way you were able to capture the 'rainbow'.

Sally H said...

Wow, Lynne! What beautiful photos! Really wish I could've walked with you! A trip to Matalan to buy more thermal socks was all we managed today.The slushy roads were a bit hazardous, and now there are some massive puddles. I think the snow will be gone by tomorrow night but there might be some flooding. It sounds like you are getting a good selection of birds on your feeders.

lisa said...

What stunning photos, Lynne. Although this weather can be disruptive it makes the countryside so beautiful doesn't it. I wish I could've been on that walk with you. The rainbow cloud is really unusual, I haven't seen one of those before.
We had a good fall late last night but it's been thawing fast in the sunshine all day. We went to the flicks to see Les Miserables and thankfully the roads were OK.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
hugs Lisax

craftimamma said...

Thankyou for sharing these glorious photos Lynne. They do look so beautiful espefcially the rainbow cloud one. It sounds like our weather has been much the same today and it did look pretty (although the scenery couldn't match yours, lol) but I'm glad we've had a pretty good thaw and now it's raining so I'm hoping most of it will go before the weekend is over. I'm not good walking on ice any more and the two school runs on Friday were quite a nightmare.

Stay warm and cosy.

Lesley Xx

Stella said...

It must be a beautiful place to live in; it looks lovely. But snow also means cold and from time to time dark days. Snow is not a guarantee for blue skies and sunny days. Love that photo you took from the sun; wow!
We got rid of the snow and it's raining. Loads of rain...

Michelle Webb said...

Just realised that these are the same pictures, wow it really did fill up with water didn't it! Michelle x

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