Friday, 19 October 2012

Birthday cake

I had a lovely birthday yesterday. A big thank you to everyone for the gorgeous cards and good wishes which I received. I'm looking forward to spending some birthday money at Stamp Magic on Sunday!

My daughter made me a birthday cake, and my two grandsons (aged 7 and 3) decorated it. I thought they did a brilliant job, and must show you a photo! Their idea for the decoration came from some pictures I have on my craft room wall. They are by an artist called Sue Fenlon, whose work I really like. Here's a link to her  website gallery . Please have a look at it, then you will see why I think the boys did such a good job imitating her style.

I loved the little ladybirds at the bottom! The plaited edging is made of marzipan, done by Ewan (the 7 year old) all on his own. He said he decided on that for the edging because I recently taught him how to plait. The single candle was a "token" one, as there wouldn't have been room for the number of my age, Or, as my son-in-law put it, "One candle for every 59 years!"

Oh, and the cake part was delicious too!


Sally H said...

What a fabulous cake, Lynne. They did a wonderful job! There were a couple of her paintings at the garden centre near us a couple of weeks ago. The boys did very well, and the plait is perfect!

brenda said...

What a fabulous cake Lynne, it sounds like they're made your birthday a very special day.

B x