Thursday, 7 June 2012

Flower Pounding

There are many examples of flower pounding about on the 'net, and they're all beautiful! I've been meaning to have a go at it for ages and never got round to it, but when I found out it could be done with the Cuttlebug, I was determined to try it! I won't go into all the details as there are lots of tutorials available, including a good one here (google Cuttlebug & flower pounding for more), but I found I got the best results using a good quality watercolour paper. Thinner papers didn't work so well.

One of the great things about the technique is that it is so quick and easy! Since moving to our new house, we haven't had chance to do much with the garden yet, but there are plenty of wild flowers growing in it! I wouldn't dream of picking wild flowers in the wild, as it were, but I think it's ok if they're from your own garden. Most people would call them weeds there, I guess! Anyway, before I picked them, I photographed them, so that I could use the photos on my cards along with the pounded papers. Here are the results.

Ivy Leaved Toadflax

Red Campion

Cow Parsley

Common Wood Sorrel

(This pic was of a nearby field, though the flowers I used were from the garden. We haven't got that many!)

And my favourite, Germander Speedwell

Supplies used on the cards: The pounded papers for backgrounds, Nestabilities frames and labels, Fiskars border punch, small butterfly punch by Martha Stewart, medium butterfly punch unknown, large butterfly Memory Box dies (two dies), bee stamp by Hobby Art, sentiments by Hobby Art, Paula Pascual, Paper Artsy, and Inkylicious (part of stamp), Prima flowers, ribbons and rainbow paper from my stash.

Can't wait to do some more, but after weeks of gorgeous weather, it's now windy, grey, cold and very wet, so I'll have to wait until the flowers dry up a bit!  We've had some lovely evening walks while the weather's been good. About a week ago we went across the fields opposite our house, and came across these characters, sitting outside the entrance to their den.

There were five altogether, some obviously young ones, and three disappeared down the hole as we approached, but these two seemed unconcerned and stayed there for a while, watching us watching them, until they too went down into the den. We used to get urban foxes in our garden at the old house, but I've never seen more than one at a time before. It was amazing to see a whole family of them together like this! The wonders of living in the countryside. We're loving it more and more. However, there are downsides. A few minutes ago the power suddenly went off. We get occasional power cuts for no apparent reason. Oh no, I thought, I'll have lost all that post I've just spent ages typing in! Fortunately Mr. Blogger had kindly saved it for me, so here it is!


Sally H said...

Wow, wow, wow! I LOVE them! You have inspired me! Next time it stops raining I'm off to find a few flowers!

mamapez5 said...

Beautiful cards Lynne. I love the way you have combined the paper with the flower photos. I had fun with flowers and my cuttlebug when my sister was out here a few weeks ago, but we got bitten to pieces collecting flowers from the campo. I didn't know it was called flower pounding though. I love the unpredictability of the outcome too e.g. bright red poppy petals giving a blue print - shows my paper was very alkaline. I got excellent results from bourgainvillea bracts which I thought would be too dry to leave any colour. Great fun! Kate x

MaxineD said...

Lynne these are beautiful cards - I have also used the technique, and love it. What an inspired thought to add the photographs to the cards.

Lisa Jane said...

oh wow these are amazing.. i am off to goggle that technique NOW! .. and how clever to use the pics of the flowers as the main image ..Beautiful
Lisa x

Jean Straw said...

I enjoy this technique too, and I love the way you combined the paper with the flower photos. Great photos too. Jean x

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