Sunday, 6 February 2011

An Award!

Well, not only two posts in two days, but now two posts in an hour! I may have to go and sit down to recover!

The reason for this one is that I have been given an award by the lovely Sally. It's very special, not only because she thinks I deserve it (and I'm thrilled to think that my blog might have attitude!) but also because the recipients get to qualify for a free digi stamp from Digi's With Attitude!

In order to qualify for your $5.00 Digi's With Attitude! Gift Certificate you must state 3 things that make you different from everybody else and nominate 5 other blogs. Lastly you need to display the Blog Award Badge (above) in your sidebar and link it back to the  Digi's With Attitude! Challenge Blog.

So, now I have to tell you three things about myself.

1. I can write backwards, a la Leonardo da Vinci.
2. I can't bear the taste of celery, and can't eat anything with it in.
3. I once met Gandalf (Sir Ian McKellen) before he was famous!

Now to nominate 5 other blogs.

All of which are inspirational and definitely have attitude!


Lisa Jane said...
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craftimamma said...

Lynne, I am so sorry I've only just seen this post. I've had very little time at the computer just recently (several reasons including the fact that I must stop faffing and get my rear end in gear). Thanks so much for the award and doubly so that you have given it to the blog I share with my 3 buddies too. I will get it posted on both blogs before the end of the week as I am sneaking time on here at the moment while my visitors have gone out for tea elsewhere.

Lesley Xx

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