Thursday, 13 January 2011

Any left-handers out there?

I made a card! My first of 2011! I wouldn't say I'm back in the groove quite yet, but at least it's a start. Although there's no lack of inclination - I want to do it - I'm still struggling to find motivation. I don't think they are one and the same.

Anyway, here's what I made. I really like the clean and simple cards which Joanne Wardle showed in her article in the October 2010 Craft Stamper, and which were so beautifully demonstrated by the Craft Stamping Quartet in their challenge showcasing Joanne's work. The link goes to Lesley Ebdon's post, but see also the three subsequent posts.

I also love the masked landscape technique which I first saw done by Barbara Gray a few years ago, and which I first tried back here. Recently there have been several people doing something similar, linking back to Heather Telford, who has some wonderful examples on her blog, including a tutorial. Do go and have a look at it.

I didn't want just to copy what other people had been doing, so I sort of combined the two techniques and came up with this:

I *think* it works - what do you think? To make the shape of the landscape I cut a mask out of acetate (so that I would be able to see where I was placing things) large enough to cover the card, and then sponged the design with VersaMagic inks and torn paper masks. The tree stamps are by Clarity Stamp, the small and medium versions. The landscape was made entirely with the small tree, using just the edge to stamp the little bushes. The larger tree and the sentiment (Personal Impressions) were then stamped with VersaFine ink.

I was quite pleased with the outcome, considering how long it is since I made anything, except for one thing. You can tell it's been a while. The finished card turned out like this!!

I'd totally forgotten to check which way the card opened before I started stamping on it! The perils of stamping straight on to the card! I was so annoyed! I thought the best way to redeem it would be to cut off the picture side and mount it on to another card, but that wouldn't be the perfect solution. Then it occured to me that it might just be appreciated as it is by someone who is left handed! I'll have to test the theory on a left handed friend......


judith@poppy cottage said...

Hi Lynne, love your take on the clean and simple cards. The background is fabulous. I teach a small card making class at home, and my niece used to come, she always used to make her cards that way, as she always forgot to check before she put the tops on. It became known as 'doing an Emily' I then had to chop the top layer off and we put it on a fresh card. I have two left-handed girls in the class now, and they never do it! Judith xx

Lisa Jane said...

Hi Lynn my daughter is left handed and its her birthday on Sunday lol.
I love the beautiful scene ..its so peaceful.
I have just bought a tree stamp and must try something like this .. its not my usual style - but i do love them
Hope you are well.. i am counting the days till April lol
Lisa ;)

lisa said...

That's the sort of thing I'd do Lynne. You could always cut the card in half and mount your design onto another one!!! Can you tell I've had plenty of practice!!
I love the way you've combined the two techniques, it works beautifully. You look as though you've slotted back into the groove nicely and it's wonderful to have you back in Blogland.
Hugs Lisax

Sally H said...

Mmmm, I wonder who that could be?! I love the colour and the tree works so well like that. I might have to give it a try with an irregular shape now.

chris said...

Hi Lynne this is so special,
love the jaunty angle , would love to have a go.
I too have stamped the wrong side of my card only yesterday so you are not on you own.

Heather T said...

Gorgeous scene, Lynn, and no you are not alone, I too have stamped a card backwards and even upside down. But I don't think the recipient will mind when they see your peaceful landscape.

magic boxes said...

Oh Lynne I love this card. Saw it on the thumbnail and it even looks fab there!

Think most of us have done a 'left hander' at least once, doesn't your heart sink when you realise.

It's too beautiful to worry about, I'd happily open it the other way!

Elaine x

brenda said...

Hi Lynne

Playing catch up big time and the shoulder hampering my ttping, but wanted to pop in and check ou out.

Love this, you know I am a big mask and brayer fan.

B x

craftimamma said...

Ha! Ha! Lynne, sorry to laugh but the reason I have is because I did exactly the same with one of my Christmas cards. The worst thing is though that I accidently put it in with some my OH had asked me to make for his work colleagues. I realised and sent him a text to look out for it but ............... apparently he never reads his texts and didn't even notice the card was back to front and upside down when he wrote on it. We still don't know who received it because they must have been too polite to say, lol.

I love the way you have combined the two techniques to come up with this stunning card. I hope you tell us what your left handed friend thought.

Lesley Xx

Aquarius said...

I like your variation on this technique and you won't be the first (or the last) to make a left handed card - all the best people do it now and again I'm sure (I've done it more than once!!)

Jules said...

Hi Lynne

Sorry it has taken me so long to get here .. .. and what a treat there is to see!!

I love this make very, very much.

Wonderful techniques and gorgeous colour choices.

You could be starting a whole new trend .. .. cards for left handed recipients!! I think it could catch on!

I hope you have a lovely weekend Lynne.

Love Jules xx

Pauline said...

Ha ha great post! I've done that myself many a time, maybe it's cos I am lefte handed! I have cut my cards in haslf, and just remounted onto another card, nothing gets wasted in my house! Love the delicate scene you ahve created, it really is superb!