Friday, 1 October 2010

Butterfly frills

I'm sorry I haven't been getting round to comment on everyone's blogs lately. I'm afraid real life has had to intervene for a while. I'm still in the process of dealing with my late father's estate, which has taken a very long time, but hopefully the end is now in sight and I will then be able to relax and put my mind back to crafting.

I noticed the other day that S****burys were advertising a new product - decorative cupcake frills. And the decoration was butterflies! Naturally I lost no time in getting to my local store to procure a pack. They are really pretty and delicate: pure white butterflies interspersed with little flowers.

Now, it would be a crime to waste them on cupcakes, wouldn't it? So....


Lisa Jane said...

oh wow - i will have to get down to that well known shop ... its not one i normally frequent ... but i could be tempted for more stash lol.
I love the deep purple of this card .. and the butterflies are gorgeous
Hope you are ok
Lisa ;)

brenda said...

Morning Lynne

Guess where I'll be going today ?

I planned M&S anyway, and the big 'S' is not far away, so why not. A fabulous idea and they look very delicate.

Now how many would I need for 30th October ? That would keep a group of girls busy all day cutting them out.

You really must not worry getting round blogland, it can wait, you have other things that need doing to let you move on.

B x

Sally H said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I will be looking out for them when I go on Monday!

lisa said...

The cup cake frills are great aren't they. My blogging friend Jozart has sprayed through hers with glimmer using them as a stencil and then used the sprayed cup cake frills on top. Looks fab.
BTW Morrisons have them a lot cheaper and they're just as pretty!!
Glad things are getting sorted for you at long last. It must be a huge relief.
Hugs Lisax

judith@poppy cottage said...

Purple and butterflies, you are definitely ringing my bells! Lisa and I were thinking along the same lines, because I've just been and found the link on Jo's blog for you spraying through the butterflies would look really lovely. Hope you get some more crafting in soon, and that life settles down for you, take care, Judith xx

craftimamma said...

Hi Lynne, I so know what you mean about real life getting in the way. I've been really struggling lately to keep up to date with everything not just visiting my blog friends. Lovely to see your post though and what a beautiful card. My friend Judith and I are both on the same wavelength with you over the butterflies and I definitely need some of those frills. Bet they don't have them in our little S.... store but will have to make a visit to see.

Lesley Xx


Hi Lynne - I seem to be the only person who hasn't seen these fabulous cupcake frills before! They are so beautiful, and what a clever way to use them - your card is stunning.
Take care - Love, Sylvia xxx

Jules said...

Hi Lynne

Well done for seeing such beautiful potential in a cupcake frill. You have made something gorgeous with them.

Life is a bit hectic my end too but thankfully not for the same reasons as yourself (but I was there a couple of years ago and know what you are going through - I hope things sort out and settle down for you soon). I am busy trying to prepare for a couple of Craft Fairs alongside orders and my regular sale points.

I could do with a couple of weeks where the only person who is awake in the world is me LOL!!!

Take care Lynne.

Love Jules xx

Eileen said...

Hi Lynne ...I hope things are a little settled for you now ...I love your work and this card is supa dupa! We get inspiration from everywhere don't we? I am always thinking cards!! Got a super idea from a Tesco billboard poster once! This card is pretty and classy

hugs Eileen xx

Phree said...

Hope things are better for you now, sorry to hear about your loss. The card is lovely, and I agree a much better use for that pretty frill.

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