Thursday, 13 May 2010

I'm just too distressed!

Somehow (long story - don't ask!) I have found myself the proud owner of TWO brand new Victorian Velvet Distress Ink pads. Now, I don't need two, so I have decided to give away the spare. For a change, instead of blog candy, I thought I'd have a little competition.

To enter, identify the object in the picture below, and leave a comment to say what it is. Closing date will be this Sunday evening, May 16th, at 10pm. I will put all correct answers into a draw and Mr. Random Dot Org will select the winner. The prize may also include a little extra surprise!

You may enter as many times as you like, but one answer per comment, please. In the event that no-one correctly identifies the object, all entries by followers of my blog (which will include anyone who becomes a follower between now and the closing date) will go into the draw to choose the winner . Good luck!


MimiAnn said...

Hi Lynne
I think your item is a mouse mat. I'm not going to say why I think that in case I'm correct & so give my idea away!!(And anyway I might be wrong!)
Go on telll.... how did you get 2??
Morag xx

MimiAnn said...

2nd attempt
Or it could be a piece of velcro (the fluffy bit - not the loopy bit)

I loved the pop up bow by the way!
Morag xx

craftimamma said...

Hi Lynne, Bet you did what I used to before I started taking my 'stocklist' with me when craft shopping. I doubled up on inkpads several times but it was a blessing in disguise as I've just managed to get my daughter interested in stamping and inky things so my spares have gone to her as she can't afford to spend much on crafty goodies.

I think the photo is of a Tim Holts/Ranger blending tool with the hooky piece of the velcro on.

Lesley Xx

Lynne K said...

Hi Lesley, yes, it was something like that! Victorian Velvet seems to be the colour everyone wants, & I couldn't get one - everywhere out of stock. So I ordered one on online, then while I was waiting for it to arrive, found somewhere with them in stock, forgot I'd ordered the first one and so ended up with two!

As to your guess, my lips are sealed until Sunday!

Lynne xx

Sally H said...

I'm not gong to guess, cos that would mean I'd have two as well! Don't worry, it happens to us all. I bought two stamps the same, two books the same (different covers was my excuse) and we have quite a lot of lemons at the moment... I might have to make more cake. I can recommend the hummingbird bakery carrot cake recipe by the way!

Jules said...

Hi Lynne

I have a feeling that my lovely blog buddy has beaten me to this one so I will go for my second choice.

You have snook into my front room and taken a photograph of my coffee table "at very close quarters" prior to its monthly dusting session .. .. LOL!!

Happy Sunday Lynne

Love Jules xx

lisa said...

Hi Lynne
I have been pondering over this in the small hours of the night when I couldn't sleep, see how you get to me!!
Anyway, all I can come up with is a piece of clothing with a vecro fastening too. Yes I know, not very original!!


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