Thursday, 1 April 2010

Quick post

Just want to say that due to family priorities, I won't have much time for blogging for a while. If I don't get chance to do any posting or blog hopping it won't be for lack of inclination! I hope everyone has a lovely Easter, & I'll be back to visit all your wonderful blogs as soon as I am able to.

Lynne xx


Sally H said...

I'll be thinking of you. Hope things improve and you get to Sarah's x

Lisa Jane said...

Hope you have a lovely Easter and i look forward to your return .
Lisa ;)

craftimamma said...

Sorry you won't be around for a while Lynne. I'll miss you but sometimes families come first.

Take care and I'll be waiting for your next post.

Lesley Xx

Debbie Dolphin said...

hope you have a fab easter too and you get back to blogging soon.!!!
love debbie xx

chris said...

Missing you already!
hope your ok Lynne and back with us soon.
hugs chris xx

Jules said...

Hi Lynne

Sorry you are not around for while.

I hope things are ok and you had a good Easter.

Love Jules xx

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