Monday, 14 September 2009

Second childhood?!

Here are a couple of cards made with some of my new stash from Harrogate. Anyone who has read previous posts will know that I don't do cute. I must admit, however, that I do have a liking for fairies. Probably for the same reason that I like butterflies - they are such beautiful, ethereal creatures. A favourite book from my childhood, one which I still have (it's older than me!), is called "Once Upon A Birthday".

It tells the story of two children, a boy and a girl, who meet in Fairyland having been taken there magically to celebrate their respective birthdays. I loved it because it's full of gorgeous, colourful pictures of fairies. They have lots of exciting adventures in Fairyland, and in the end the little girl, once back home, gets a fairy outfit complete with wings for a birthday present, something I always wanted (particularly the wings!) but sadly never received!

Some time ago, at school, we had a reading week when staff were asked to take in a favourite book from their youth to read to a class. I took my fairy book, of course, interested to see what modern, worldly wise children, aged 5 to 7, raised on computer games and TV, would make of it. The story is strongly moralistic (eg. in one chapter a little fairy sulks because she lost a race in the school games, and her punishment is to come last in every game until she has learned her lesson, which she duly does) and quite politically incorrect. I was surprised, not to say delighted, that without exception they loved it. And, even more surprising, the boys did as much as the girls!

So what started this train of thought? New fairies from Lavinia Stamps! Lavinia Stamps are designed by Tracey Dutton, and her stand at the shows is always full of beautiful samples which are treats for the eyes. I was really taken with one card in particular. Check out her Gallery and you'll see it. This is my attempt to recreate it. I bought the Fairy, Vine & Secret Garden stamps at the show, and then filled in with others I already had, all Lavinia except for the trees on the left, which are by Innovative Stamp Creations. I would have bought the Lavinia Tree Root stamp also, but I'd run out of money by then, so I had to make do. I liked this fairy because she isn't too cute, and I love the air of mystery and magic about the "Secret Garden".

Still on the childhood theme, I couldn't resist these miniatures from
Clarity Stamp. I found the pretty ribbon at Harrogate too, but I'm pleased to say that all other materials on this card are old stash!

(The background paper, by Papermania, doesn't show up very well in the small photo - click on it to see the detail in the big one.)


Sally H said...

Wow! These are both gorgeous, Lynne! You beat me to it with the lavinia stamps as mine are still unused! Maybe tonight or tomorrow!

lisa said...

Ohh Lynne I'm drooling. That Lavinia card is simply stunning. I love their stamps too but I have to wait for Xmas for mine!!!!
That fairy door is out of this world, it makes you wonder who lives there. I think all children, big and small love fairies at least I hope they do!
More please.


judith@poppy cottage said...

I love your Lavinia stamps card Lynne, it's beautiful. I always enjoy going to their stand, and drooling over their samples. I always spend too much money, but the stamps are gorgeous, and what they do with them is awesome. Enjoy your stamps, and hope to see some more samples soon. Loved reading about your favourite book too. Judith x

Lesley said...

These are beautiful cards Lynne! I like fairies too! xx

Vince B said...

Fantastic cards.
I really love the look and feel of all your cards and blog.
Vince X

craftimamma said...

Sorry Lynne, Mr Blogger is playing up and your last few posts didn't appear on my list of blogs I follow. It's done that a few times lately.

Have to say I've enjoyed looking back though because you have made some gorgeous cards.

I went to the Harrogate show on the Sunday. I nearly always go because my daughter lives in Harrogate so I combine it with a visit. I spent a fortune at Lavinia Stamps too but haven't had time to use them yet.

Lesley Xx