Sunday, 21 June 2009

Two lovely awards!

These are both from Lisa, who not only has a wonderful blog of her own, but also takes the time to leave such lovely and encouraging comments on other peoples'. Thank you so much, Lisa, these awards are truly appreciated, and in return I would like you to accept them back again!

I would also like to pass them on to Sally H, Judith at Poppy Cottage and Siobhan (Piddawinkle), all great blog friends.


lisa said...

Thank you so much Lynne. I love this wonderful blogging community we have, even after the most difficult day, once you've signed on, read the lovely comments people leave and visit everyone else's lovely blogs you feel so much better and the hours just fly. It's a great place to be!!
Thank you for your encouragement.


Sally H said...

Thanks, Lynne! You are such a fantastic friend. It is so good to have someone who so fully understands my addiction!

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